Harms in Florida from Hurricane Ian could add up to $47 billion. This is the way to safeguard your individual accounting records from catastrophic events

Tropical storm Ian is turning out to be the costliest Florida typhoon since Andrew in 1992. Wind and tempest flood harm in the state are assessed between $28 billion and $47 billion bucks, as per a Sept. 29 gauge from CoreLogic. With that degree of obliteration, land owners are encouraged to rapidly make any cases … Read more

How fraud detection improves customer or user experience

Near year and a half back, Shift Innovation made certain about a gigantic $220 million funding speculation expected, to a limited extent, to speed up US extension for the extortion identification and cases mechanization programming organization that started out in Paris, France. Shift has advanced consistently from that point forward, becoming famous as an insurtech … Read more

It is estimated that up to 6 million Australians still owe compensation for unwanted insurance

Up to six million Australians could be eligible for a billion dollar bailout following findings by the Royal Banking Commission. The final report of the 2019 Royal Commission into misconduct in banking, pensions and financial services found that millions of people were duped into buying unwanted insurance. Junk insurance refers to insurance that is worthless … Read more